its worth it

Carnival is a folkloric party that celebrates the popular liberation and the good mood of the multitudes in days of joy, art and fantasy. Smiles and Kisses rule as you meet beautiful and friendly people. Our rich itinerary brings you to best destinations showing multiple flavors of this cultural festival.

Origins of Carnival

Carnival popular expressions trace back to Egyptian and Greek-Roman societies as feasts to celebrate spring or mythological symbols. Slaves, philosophers and tribunes mingled at the public squares, rupturing society hierarchies during the celebrations. One of many explanations to the term 'Carnival' comes from the Milanese dialect, in which 'Carnevale' means "meat is worth it". It describes the preparation for the 40-day-lent-period before Eastern that starts on Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, relate exactly to the Carnival Day when the pleasures of flesh and meat are to be "accumulated". In 2008, Fat Tuesday will be on Feb 1st and celebrations start the weekend before. Wanna plan for future trips to Carnival? Click here for dates beyond 2007.

In Brazil, Carnival is celebrated in many different cities and each will offer a different flavor and fun things to do. We even have off-season versions called Micaretas. The best festivals take place in Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. Rio attracts tourists from all over the World to celebrate with the "cariocas" (native people from Rio) in fun club parties and artistic "Samba School" parades. Salvador, in State of Bahia, is preferred by locals looking for intense partying around the clock and for a more "street festival" interactive atmosphere. Our travel group will be joining the main party days in Salvador to trail authentic "electric truck" block parades. Then, for after party decompression, our itinerary suggests a relaxing stay at paradisiac Morro de Sao Paulo and a visit to Rio, to enjoy gorgeous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches and watch the "Samba Champions Parade".


Salvador and its "Electric Truck" Block Parades have vibrant and interactive street parties

Famous for its history, religious syncretism and hospitable people, joyful Salvador draws visitors to enjoy the spicy atmosphere. The beaches, cuisine and music, will make you sing, "I want to go back to Bahia". While Rio's Carnival is famous internationally, it is to Salvador that locals go celebrate. Carnival in Salvador is much more interactive with beautiful people grooving around the clock in "Camarote" VIP lounges, enjoying delicious cocktails and trailing the "Electric Truck" Block Parades.

Morro de Sao Paulo

Morro Bay

is a peaceful fishing village on a paradisiac island just south of Salvador. It's four white sand beaches, simply referred by numbers, are fringed with palm trees and clear waters suited for swimming and diving. The second beach keeps partying even after Carnival while first and third have a relaxing vibe. The "main street" is a sandy path with bars and restaurants and there are no automobiles on the island. Alluring sunsets, great walking tours, and cozy B&B make Morro a perfect destination for decompressing after the intense Carnival parties. The island is accessible by boat or a 20 minute flight that offers great views en route.

Rio de Janeiro and the Samba School Parades

Samba Schools ("Escolas de Samba") are neighborhood associations that plan and rehearse, all year long, for the glamorous Carnival Parades at the "Sambodrome". During five nights, dozens of Samba Schools exhibit their art and compete in a tiered system for the award of best of Carnival. Each association parades for just over an hour on a mile long course with hundreds of people organized in different sections called "alas" and singing their specific Samba Theme Song. Float decorations and costumes are designed to visually represent these songs' lyrics. To participate, one has to purchase a costume and rehearse well in advance with the Samba School. For those who prefer to watch, there are tickets available to sit in the Sambodromo stadium. The top schools are announced on Ash Wednesday and they come back for a special Samba Champions Parade on the Saturday after Carnival. In 2008 the Champions parade is on February 9.

BraziliaNation travel group has a very rich itinerary bringing you and your buddies to all these destinations to make you feel a like a Brazilian Native, like a Carnival expert party goer. After all, we know the ropes.