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BraziliaNation is the process that will transform you into a Brazilian Native. Carnival is the World's best party and when the 'Brazilian Nation' shows the best of our culture, folklore, music and warm attitude. Put some Carnival energy in your work/life balance.

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Here in BraziliaNation, we organize group trips to Carnival every year, next one is during the week of February 1, 2008. We will party like locals do, trailing authentic roaming concerts called “blocos trio eletrico” in the streets of Salvador. The trip can even fit into just one week and also includes after party decompression in Rio de Janeiro to enjoy beautiful beaches and watch the Samba Champions Parade.

We Know the Ropes

We are connected to festival organizers and bring fun people from all over the World to play Carnival, offering convenience, safety hints and access to the best parades and VIP parties. That way you will not waste time “figuring it out”.

We can already see you there, enjoying the warm weather, wonderful beaches and grooving around the clock. :-) Check out to confirm everything you've ever heard about Carnival's joy, romance, uncountable kisses. When you are ready to join us, send a note to

Cheers and have fun!

BraziliaNation CEO = Carnival Expert Organizer

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Phone/Fax: 1.888.758.7077
Mailing Address: 6201 Lake Washington Blvd # 201,
Kirkland, WA, 98033


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