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Ever heard someone saying Brazilian Carnival had been in their list of places to go? Or you are planning to join the trip and bring friends? Go ahead, spread the word using the sample email below. Just copy and paste into your message. Then have them contact

Hello _____,

How you've been? Listen, I remember you once mentioned Brazilian Carnival being in your list of places to go, so here's a hint to contact my good friends from BraziliaNation.

They organize group trips to Carnival every year, next one is during the week of February 1/2008. They will party like locals do, trailing authentic roaming concerts called "blocos trio eletrico" in the streets of Salvador. The trip can even fit into just one week and also includes after party decompression in Rio de Janeiro to enjoy beautiful beaches and watch the Samba Champions Parade.

These guys really know the ropes. They are connected to festival organizers and bring fun people from all over the World to play Carnival, offering convenience, safety hints and access to the best parades and VIP parties. That way you will not waste time "figuring it out".

I can already see you there, enjoying the warm weather, wonderful beaches and grooving around the clock. :-) Check or send email to I hear that demand for flights, hotels and party tickets is soaring, so you should check soon, in October or November. Tell them I sent you and they will hook you up with a great deal.

Cheers and have fun!

Just copy/paste this email and forward to your buddies!

Just copy/paste this email and forward to your buddies!
"I traveled alone and loved being with the group! Met fun people and
felt very safe. Traveling as a girl, one needs to think about this"
We are associated with international non-profits caring for local
causes in Brazilian communities. Click here and get involved.
Can your buddies party hard and keep up with your pace. Have them
answer this quiz and sign their passport to Carnival