its worth it

Carnival is a very intense party and involves big crowds, long nights, romance, sensuality and diverse culture. It's addictive, once you get in the mood. Answer this quiz to check if you will keep up with the party pace.

10 Questions To Rate if you're Fit for Carnival Party Style

1) Carnival is about the energy from the crowds. When you go to a stadium concert, you...

a) Can deal with it, finding the best spots inside the party to feel comfortable, and alternate "get some air" and "jump jump up" times.
b) Love to be inside the crowd, close to the stage; that charges my batteries.
c) Feel claustrophobic and decide not to go to such events ever again.

2) Carnival is about sensuality with a bit of spicy confidence. If someone makes a comment about your curves or attempts some audacious move to steal a kiss, you...

a) Practice my Matrix-bullet-dodging techniques and will deal with it.
b) Feel flattered and who knows, maybe I will steal some kisses too.
c) Practice my Matrix-martial-arts-techniques, get really annoyed and start trouble.

3) Carnival is about party around the clock. Your hotel window faces the parades and you can see party all the time. You...

a) Close the shades, wear my ear plugs, and sleep through the noisy party right below my window.
b) Feel like you have your own VIP room to check the party and don't mind the noise. Sleeping is for the decompression time after Salvador.
c) Oh no, I need my sleep and want a comfy hotel outside the main strip.

4) Carnival Parades are good work-outs, almost like extended aerobic classes. You...

a) Bring comfortable shoes, pace myself. It will be all right.
b) Love high-impact aerobics and will jump 100% of the time, everyday. Some muscle massaging lotion will help.
c) What, can't I just lay on the beach everyday, all the time?

5) Carnival is about people drinking a lot of beer. Some people might fall around you and some people might need to go to the bathroom ( the streets), your reaction...

a) As long as I can get my own beers, it's all good.
b) Dude, I've had my college days too.
c) What, streets smelling, drunk people falling?!?!

6) Carnival is about diversity. People from all over the World, young, younger or youngest at heart will be there celebrating the Afro-Brazilian Culture, Culinary, Music and Dance.

a) I am going for the diversity, show me the old-style Carnival, show me the Afro-Brazilian cultural centers, parades.
b) Paint my face in yellow and green, buy me a soccer Jersey, put me in the middle of the samba rehearsal. I am a Brazilian wanna-be.
c) So you are saying that Afro-Brazilian music like samba, axe will play almost all the time? Where do I get my country and hip-hop stations?

7) Carnival attracts lots of single people, but couples also have tons of fun. If someone inadvertently hits on your soul mate, you...

a) Hold hands with my partner once in a while to show that we are together, but will be cool with some gentle flirting.
b) Remember how sexy my partner is, trust no risk will take us apart and even make fun comments to break the ice with our new friends. Btw, I've always thought about....
c) Act possessive, argue with your partner and whoever is simply staring. Get physical, oh, get me started and you will see.

8) Carnival is about options, to party hard, relax at the beach. Our group has many fun people that will seek different options. You believe...

a) Being with the group will be fun and convenient, but I also want to explore things I checked in my Lonely Planet.
b) Getting lost will give me the chance to meet new friends, check other hotel rooms in town...yeah, you know what I mean.
c) The group has to stay together all the time. We will hold hands, tie our belts, vote and waste all time necessary to reach common decisions.

9) Carnival is about relaxation. People take the time to meet each other, chat and slow down on stressful work. Restaurant, agencies and hotel staff are working but also want to have fun and will not be in a hurry. You think...

a) That's fine, meeting local people, chatting with staff, understanding they are under pressure to provide customer service to millions of people. That's part of the game.
b) Not in a hurry. I will seat, relax, enjoy the view and people watch. Touch is ok too, right?
c) This is unacceptable, I am on vacation and want ultimate customer service 100%. I will make scandals, call managers, complain.

10) Carnival is about fun for everybody, but the blocks and camarotes are only for those of us who can afford. Many are the poor folks who get just a glimpse of the party. When you come back, you...

a) Will search for local non-profits and make generous contributions.
b) Will search for local non-profits and make generous contributions.
c) Ok, I already got the idea, C is the wrong answer, hmm? I will stay at home but will still search for local non-profits and make generous contributions :-)

Yeah, you got it. B stands for having a BLAST with Brazilianation in Salvador! Joins us Now!

Some A's and you will also have tons of fun. Chose Cs? Booo, you better stay at home, sorry.