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Carnival is a folkloric party that celebrates the popular liberation and the good mood of the multitudes in days of joy, art and fantasy. Smiles and Kisses rule as you meet beautiful and friendly people. Our rich itinerary brings you to best destinations showing multiple flavors of this cultural festival.

Feb 2008 Destination: Party in Salvador and

After Party in Rio or Morro

Our travel group will party like locals do, grooving in VIP lounges and trailing the authentic "electric truck blocks" in the streets of Salvador da Bahia. Picture this, live band concerts on roaming stages on top of massive trucks. Music styles go from Samba to Reggae, also including Axe and DJ/Electronica.

Our suggested “abadas”, the t-shirts that give access to parties, include the best bands and match your party style. You will also have time to hang at the beach and visit historic sights. Then for after party decompression destinations, we suggest:

Morro Bay Morro de Sao Paulo Island, just south of Salvador, has relaxing paradisiac beaches and cozy B&B. Concerts still go on if your batteries can hold. Enjoy walking tours, swimming and alluring sunsets.

Morro Bay Rio de Janeiro to enjoy gorgeous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, visit famous landmarks like the Sugar Loaf; and watch the Samba Champions Parade on Feb 9 (Sat Night), closing the festivities.

Dates, Trip Duration & Itinerary

One can fit the trip into 1 week (Feb 2 to Feb 10), consuming just five business days of vacation. Arrive in Salvador on Feb 2 (Sat) to party for 4 nights, including Fat Tuesday with parades through Ash Wednesday's morning. Add a decompression destination for another 3 nights, starting on Feb 6 to depart on Feb 9 (Sat) and land back home on Feb 10 (Sun). And if you can add more time:

  • Settle in Salvador one day earlier (Feb 1). Be full energy for 2nd
  • If you pick Rio for decompression, stay for the Samba Champions Parade on Feb 9 (Sat Night), and fly on Feb 10
  • Combine two "decompressions": Morro for 3 nights (Feb 6 to 9), catching the Champions Parade in Rio on Feb 9 (Sat Night) and extending your stay in Rio for another few evenings.


Booking & Estimates

We take care of accommodations in perfectly located hotels as well as event passes to the best lounges and parades. We can then let you arrange your own flight for greater flexibility or direct you to preferred agencies, specialized in flight deals to Brazil. availability, dates confirmation and currency rates at time of purchase. Please consult us at for details and booking.

BraziliaNation travel group has a very rich itinerary bringing you and your buddies to all these destinations to make you feel a like a Brazilian Native, like a Carnival expert party goer. After all, we know the ropes.

4 or 5 nights, w/ accommodations DBL, breakfast and “abada” party tickets Suggested abada sets from USD$1,600 to $1,990. Or ask for stripped down versions under $1,000
3 or 4 nights, w/ accommodations DBL, breakfast and ticket for Mar 4 Champions Parade From USD$670
3 nights w/ accommodations in DBL, breakfast and transfer Salvador>Morro> Salvador From USD$670

Please Note: After picking your decompression destinations and itinerary, just add the estimates for each leg Flight tickets not included, and we can refer agencies with special deals to Brazil Consult us at for details or customized options to fit your needs like: extra nights, TRPL room, packs w/ just abada party-tickets, specific abadas, listed or non-listed in our suggestions

Flight Arrangements

According to your selected decompression destination, these are the key dates for your own flight arrangements:

Itinerary based on Decompression
Arranging your flights and
Salvador 4 or 5 nights (from Feb1 or 2 to Feb6) & Rio 3+ nights (from Feb 6 and on) •  Arrive in Salvador on Sat 2nd (or Fri 1st), before 3PM
•  Fly Salvador to Rio on Feb6, preferably in the afternoon
•  Fly back from Rio on Feb9, or stay for Rio Parade on Feb9
Salvador 4 or 5 nights (from Feb1 or 2 to Feb6) & Morro 3+ nights (from Feb 6 to 9 or more) •  Arrive in Salvador on Sat 2nd (or Fri 1st), before 3PM
•  Fly back from Salvador on Feb9 afternoon, or extend
Salvador 4 or 5 nights (from Feb1 or 2 to Feb6)
& Morro 3nights (from Feb6 to9) & Rio 4+ nights
(from Feb 9 and on)
•  Arrive in Salvador on Sat 2nd (or Fri 1st), before 3PM
•  Fly Salvador to Rio on Feb9, around noon
•  Fly back from Rio extending your stay as you prefer

Please Note.: International flights arriving in Salvador will usually be D+1 with stop over in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro or both. Plan all legs as part of same International route for best value and availability. Eventual transfers Salvador>Morro>Salvador (Feb 6/return Feb9) will be arranged locally.

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Groove Around the Clock in Brazilian Carnival. The World's best party has always been on your list of places to go. Check it out now!
Demand for flights, hotels and event tickets is already soaring. Save your spot in advance, preferably in October / November
The trip can even fit into one week, from Feb 2 to Feb 10. With more time, visit multiple cities to party, relax and energize your work/life balance
We know the ropes! And offer convenience, safety hints and access to best parties. That way, you will not waste time "figuring it out