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Carnival is a folkloric party that celebrates the popular liberation and the good mood of the multitudes in days of joy, art and fantasy. Smiles and Kisses rule as you meet beautiful and friendly people. Our rich itinerary brings you to best destinations showing multiple flavors of this cultural festival.

About the Trip to Carnival

"A fantastic vacation with an amazing group of people! This one will definitely have a special place in my memories for many years to come." / E, 22, Costa Rica, engineer

“I went to Carnival to do things I had never done before. And…”
/ E, 26, Venezuela, developer

"It was absolutely fantastic. I am trying to explain to my friends what the experience was like and I find myself using words like "energy" and "heat" or "physical" and "rhythmn", but these words do not do justice in capturing the amazing experience we all had (…). I listen to Chiclete’s CD several times (…) it takes me back to Salvador, what a dream of a place... Thank you all for an amazing trip!" / S, 32, Ukraine, business consultant

About Salvador and the Electric Truck Blocks

"Salvador attracts the young local crowd looking for intense party around the clock. I like the street parties better than just watching the floats in Rio” / G, 28, Brazil, psychologist

"It's just a rope separating block insider’s and the "pipoca", still, wearing the "abada" makes it much more fun and safe. And how many beautiful people…” / K, 30, Latvia, sales director

“I traveled alone and loved being with the group! Met fun people and felt very safe. Traveling as a girl, one needs to think about this” / G, 31, US, marketer


About BraziliaNation Knowing the Ropes:

"Cheers for Brazilianation! - the team whose diligent planning, consistent follow-up and highly-competent coordinating brought together the crew from all over north and south america! and made everything happen. I'll never forget the gift you facilitated.” / T, 32, US, marketer
"THAAAAAAANK YOU for organizing some of the best party nights of our lives!" / Y, 32, Mexico, entrepreneur


"THANK YOU for doing such an outstanding job coordinating last week's Carnaval festivities. The itinerary and hotel location were pure perfection. The ride atop the truck was a complete thrill. The delicious dinner in Pelo with a balcony view of local parades was a delight. Your enthusiasm was unparalleled. You thought of every seeming and unseeming detail - what an incredible, amazing, beautiful experience. Thank YOU for everything - you are amazing!!! I am recommending Brazilianation to all my friends and hope to join the great party again in 2006! :-)" / K, 29, US, financial analyst

Videos covering the Electric Truck Blocks in the streets of Salvador


Salvador’s Carnival official videos: it’s in Portuguese but has amazing aerial takes, pictures form inside the blocks and great music

Action inside the blocks: Follow Chiclete com Banana, one of the most popular blocks in Salvador in their clip Chiclete com Banana canta 100% Você